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Stress in an integral part of modern life How we Cope with it is what matters!

This Simple 5 Step Programme will…

Help you to identify your stress trigger
Give you the right tools to manage yourself in stressful situations
Help you refocus and prioritize your time
Give you time for ‘me time’
Enable you to maintain a reduced stress lifestyle

This interactive workshop will work with real situations to give you real results.

It is a 5 week programme starting Wednesday May 10th 7:30pm to 9pm in the Ananda Centre Slane and will continue for 5 consecutive Wednesdays

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TIME to Relax. Refocus. Restore.

Do you feel like you’re being ruled by the clock and it’s time to take a breather? Sometimes it really can feel that all the demands on our time are causing us to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Not to mention leaving no time for our own personal “me time”. More often than not we find ourselves in this modus operandi having no idea how we arrived there, and more dangerously no idea of how to stop.

This half-day workshop is aimed at helping you take back control of your time, whether it be at home or in the workplace. Together we will explore simple yet effective time management skills that will help you make the best use of your time and even learn to say “NO”!

What you will learn over this half day workshop:
- Prioritise your time
- Make clear and effective decisions
- Manage stress in your day
- Say ‘no’ guilt free.

We will also explore mindfulness based stress management techniques which you can use to help reduce the feelings of stress and anxiety, leaving you better able to cope with the tasks ahead.

The workshop is set in the relaxing surroundings of Listoke House, Ballymakenny Rd, Drogheda, Co Louth. You will enjoy a light lunch plus time to relax in the beautiful gardens of Listoke House.

To book your place please visit If you have any questions call me on +353 87 254 9434.


Leadership Skills

This Leadership Skills Workshop blends the practical tools & theories to develop your leadership skills and style to effectively lead and motivate your team. Participants will learn about their own leadership style – how they interact with and manage others in different situations and gain a broader perspective on their role. Areas included are Leadership Styles and Approaches, Motivating people, Effective Goal Setting and Performance Management. This is an interactive workshop where Leaders will be put through their paces..


Communication Skills

Effective Communication is the core skill of Effective Management. How we communicate and interact with others has a direct impact on the outcome. This workshop provides participants with the tools and confidence to effectively communicate their message for greater work performance. Areas covered include – Understanding the importance of Effective Communication Skills, Effective Listening Skills, Conflict Management and Handling Difficult Situations.


Stress &Time Management for Productivity

Say good bye to the treadmill of time and the busy fool. This practical workshop will help you identify where your sands of time are slipping away. It will provide you and your team with the key tools to manage and control where you spend and focus your time to ensure you stay productive and focused. Areas covered include – understanding your Role, Prioritising, Delegation and Maintaining a Work-Life Balance.


Team Building

Understanding your role within an organisation is key to effective performance. This workshop works with your team to strengthen their understanding of their role and its significance in the overall running of the organisation. Areas covered will include: Communication Skills, Team Motivation and Problem Solving as a Team.


Conflict Management Training

The key to managing conflict is preventing it. This workshop will explore the areas where conflict can arise within the organisation and provide the appropriate tools and strategies to intervene and dissolve conflict. Areas covered include – Personal Conflict Styles, Dealing with Difficult People, Personal & Stress Management, The role of communication and perception, Effective Communication Skills.


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